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    <td>Product Introduction
    Polypropylene is a lightweight and flexible thermoplastic that does not break when bent repeatedly. These characteristics make Polypropylene the overwhelming choice for living hinges which are extremely thin pieces of plastic that are on the caps of many condiment bottles. Other characteristics include resistance to many chemicals and electricity which make it useful in chemical and electrical applications.
    Yongjie has successfully developed a one-step shaping method for PP sheet manufacturing. Two stage extruders are used as the twin screw extruder compounds the PP mixture, and the single screw extruder push the compounded PP into the mould tool for sheets manufacturing. It saves the trouble to granulate the PP before moulding them into required profiles.
    Product Data
    This production line utilises the principles of two stage extruders. First stage: twin screw extruders to provide complete blending, mixing and compound of the raw materials. Second stage: single screw extruder equipped with mould tools to produce required products directly.
    Product Qualifications
    Our products are fully CE and ISO9001 certified. Please see below our certificates:

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    A.What is the two/double stage extruder?
    Two/double stage extruder in simple terms is two extruders connected together, where both single screw and twin/double screw extruders can be used in the combination. Depending on the material formulation, the combination varies (i.e. single + double, double + single, single + single). It is mostly designed for plastics that are heat sensitive or pressure sensitive or both. It is also used in recycling plastics as well. For more details, please visit our download centre.
    B.Why Yongjie should be your choice of business partner?
    Let’s be frank here. You are here looking for both high quality and good price. Since we are an experienced Chinese manufacturer, you are in the right place. We will provide you with German standard machinery with ‘Chinese’ price! Contact us for more details and quotations.
    C.How many types of screw elements are there and what are their functions?
    Twin screw extruders has two co-rotating spindles, where sections of screw elements are lined up on them. The screw elements perform a major role as they are the ones that processes the materials. There are several categories of screw elements available and they all have different functions, such as transmission, shearing, kneading, etc. Each category also has many types as they differ in angles, forward/reverse direction, etc. A suitable combination of screw elements is vital in getting good quality plastic granules.China Extrusion Moulding Production Line manufacturers

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