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    Bridge Regulation On Load Tap Change
    Factory are used to change either the primary or secondary voltage to more closely match the desired input or output voltage. This is usually done when operating conditions have changed and the voltage is different than what is normally desired or required to re-establish “normal” operating conditions. When this occurs, changing one or more of these taps can more exactly provide the desired voltage. Because it is a change that requires actually moving cables, lugs and conductors, this sort of manual voltage regulation is usually done when all other options have been exhausted and is not usually intended for frequent changes.
    Tap changing can control / change the voltage (8 to 10%) at the receiving end by manipulating the reactive power flow. It can also control / change slightly the phase angle (phase shifting) thereby affecting the real power flow. Tap changing can be off-load or on-load. In modern power system practice tap changing is rarely used as it has been found, more often than not, to adversely affect the power system Voltage Stability.
    We pride ourselves on quality which is our best selling point. Our business goal is to build smart electrical appliance to match our customer’s requirements. We can satisfy various requirement of tap changer. We can undertake designing and making all kinds of special switches according to the technical parameters, special structure and quality required by the customers.
    Model Explanation
    SY□Z(Z) – □/□-□L
    S : three-phase
    Y : on load
    □: voltage connection model
    Z : adopting resistance transit
    Z : direct switch
    □: rated current
    □: rated voltage
    □: number of voltage regulation grades
    L : online oil filter
    Main Technical Data
    Application Scope Oil-immersed Distribution Transformer
    Connection Model SYXZZ : three phase Y connection neutral point linear voltage regulation
    SYJZZ : three phase central point bridge voltage regulation
    SYTZZ : three phase any connection linear voltage regulation
    Three-phase Max. Rated Current 400A
    Max. Rated Voltage 600V
    Max. Voltage of Device Um 40.5KV
    Tap Positions 17 or others
    Connection Model Shows as Following
    □ □ □
    (Y connection neutral point) (Y connection neutral point with lead wire) (Y connection central bridge point)
    □ □ □
    (D connection central bridge point) (D connection terminal point) (Auto type terminal point)
    Sample Outline Dimension Diagram

    Sample Model Parameters
    Serial number Model No. (A)
    current (v)
    voltage Installation dimension(mm)
    H H1 H2 H3 Md
    1 SYXZZ 50/10 -3~5 50 10 615 305 120 60 M8
    2 SYXZZ 100/10-5~9 100 10 682 350 125 66 M8
    3 SYJZZ 100/10-5~7 100 10 750 440 125 100 M8
    4 SYJZZ 200/35-5~9 200 35 1500 190 170 715 M12
    5 SYJZZ 300/35-5~9 300 35 1500 190 170 715 M14
    6 SYJZZ 400/35-5~9 400 35 1700 220 235 910 M16 China Oil-immersed Tap Changer

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