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    Infrared automatic bridge cutting machine adopts long span bridge structure ,the body uses four pillar hydraulic lifts.The stone machine is equipped with hydraulic drive rotary table ,the beam mobile can achieve lateral branch.The infrared automatic bridge cutting machine has advantages with large machining length,large cutting depth,flexible rotation,accurate positioning,large stiffness,state work and so on.The main machine adopts imported frequency converter to realize stepless adjustment of cutting speed.The infrared medium sized stone trimming machine is suitable for large scale processing of the road along the stone and high value of stone.

    Main technique parameter
    Saw blade diameterΦ600mm-Φ1200mm
    Saw blade movements itinerary650mm
    Main motor power22kw
    Overall dimensions6400×5200×3800mm
    Table size3200×2000mm
    Water consumption4m³

    Product feature and application of infrared automatic bridge cutting machine
    Automatic Infrared Ray Bridge Cutter is ideal and special equipment for stone processing factory, especially widely used in cutting big size non- metallic plates such as granite, marble, artificial marble and concrete plate etc..Adopted laser device positioning system and CPU controlling system, with reliable function, precise cutting and easy operation, this equipment carries out high efficient cutting by slow cutting and quick return.
    The machine adopts the large span bridge structures,the beam edge beam rail oil immersed sealed,anti wear lubricant in the rail and the slide block to form a thin oil film,at the same time with edge beam protective film ,the material loss is reduced to the extreme.Take the knife system used in the import converter can realize stepless speed cutting ,equipped with 360degree rotary table rotating flexible,accurate positioning,good rigidity,so that the cutting is stable and high processing rate,is the processing of high value,tombstone stone handicrafts,stone is the ideal equipment.

    Composition of Infrared Bridge stone Cutter
    1. Beam: Through a pair of synchronous pinions and racks moving forward and backward (Y-axis) on the oil-immersed guide rail of the side beam, the plate is accurately divided by the frequency converter and encoder.
    2. Tool holder: By moving pinion and rack around the oil-immersed guide rail of side beam (X-axis), the feed speed of cutting can be adjusted by the speed-regulating switch on the operation panel. By vertical hydraulic drive, the upper and lower (Z-axis) can be moved, and the plate can be cut automatically by layers.
    3. Saw blade motor: The main shaft driven by belt provides power for cutting plate.
    4. Side Beam: Fixed on the reinforced concrete foundation or the base (optional parts) provided by the original factory. Dust-proof and waterproof oil-immersed guideway cooperates with the movement of the cross beam.
    5. Saw blade: Installed on the spindle to cut the plate. Prepare for users and buy on the market.
    6. Workbench: Used for placing planks to be processed. The workbench is composed of wooden strips. After wearing, users can make it by themselves according to the same size. It can rotate 90 degrees or 0-85 degrees by hydraulic drive.
    7. Main cabinet or control panel: The main cabinet is equipped with various electrical equipment for control equipment. The control panel provides users with buttons, switches, data input and text display for the operation of various control devices.
    Hydraulic main station: including fuel tank, oil pump, motor and hydraulic control components, is the control assembly of the hydraulic part of the whole equipment.

    Notices for Infrared Bridge Cutter
    Infrared bridge stone cutting machine is a widely used equipment in the industry, which is favored by customers. Mechanical operation is a very important matter, which has a great impact on production. So what should be paid attention to in the operation of the infrared bridge stone cutting machine? Stone machinery for your analysis and explanation.
    1. It is strictly forbidden to wear gloves. If dust is caused during operation, wear a mask or face mask.
    2. No attempt shall be made to cut small pieces of work that have not been clamped.
    3. This stone cutting machine only permits cutting profiles.
    4. No strong cutting operation is allowed. The motor should reach full speed before cutting.
    5. No one is allowed to stand behind the saw.
    6. Don’t lean over or around the saw machine. When the saw blade is not stopped, don’t release any hand or raise arm from the saw or workpiece.
    7. Do not operate when the shield is not in place. Do not place your hand within 15 cm from the saw blade.
    8. The power supply must be cut off before repairing or replacing the fittings, and the saw blade must be completely stopped.
    9. If abnormal sounds are found, the examination should be stopped immediately.

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