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    <td>CNC Polishing Machine Introduction
    1. This device is six-axis four-station automatic grinding and polishing machine, it has six degrees of freedom.
    2. Four working stations work simultaneously and with one time programming,the machine can finish the polishing and buffing jobs of four workpieces at the same time.
    3. Fast fixtures changing structure.
    4. Program method: It is teaching programming which use the manual mode to simulate artificial polishing and record path, the machine can work along this path automatically.
    5. Linear velocity compensation: when polishing wheel diameter reduce the system will increase the wheel speed to compensate the linear velocity.
    6. Full auto waxing system.
    7. All-digital control, the program can be saved and called at any time.
    8. Finish the polishing / buffing work in any angle and position.
    Technical Parameters
    Machine Power : 32kw
    Voltage : 380v
    Max Size Of Polishing Wheel : 600mm
    Min Size Of Polishing Wheel : 400mm
    X-axis Stroke : 1000
    Y-axis Stroke : 700
    Z-axis Stroke : 700
    U-axis Stroke : ±90°
    V-axis Stroke : ±360°
    W-axis Stroke : ±360°
    Weight of the CNC Polishing Machine : 3tons
    Size of Appearance of CNC Polishing Machine : 5300*3400*3000mm
    For more technical details, pictures and video please contact us !
    Machine Process Workshop
    Application Materials : CNC buffing machine is suitable for polishing various kinds of faucet body, door handles, round tubes and pipes, different kinds of casting workpieces etc. Metal materials like brass, aluminum, zinc alloy stainless steel etc.
    Our Services
    Sales Service:
    1. Inquiry and consulting support.
    2. Soon delivery. Generally it is 20-30 days if the CNC buffing machines are in stock. or it is 40-60 days if the auto polishing machines are not in stock, it is according to quantity.
    3. We will run the CNC buffing machine for a few times and use your materials to do the test if clients request. Only guarantee the auto polishing machine shows best performance, and then we will ship out.
    4. Warranty: normally one year.
    5. Our engineers are available to serve the CNC polishing machine overseas or send you video and so on.
    Payment Terms: 30% as deposit, 70% after the CNC buffing machine is ready before delivery;
    Packaging & Shipping
    1.Outside package: Standard export wooden cases;
    2.Inner package: Stretch film;
    Shipping: Container transport.Metal Polishing Machine suppliers

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