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    <td>Our History
    Originated from 2005, Duratec is one of the global leading high technical ceramic supplier, providing high quality products and technical solution for the applications of wear protection & impact protection, corrosion protection and high temperature protection. Thanks to the cutting edge technology, and the profession and knowledge of the team, Duratec is developing various type of high technical material to help his customer succeed.

    Our Factory
    Duratect plants equipped with the top advanced machines, including super fine material preparation grinding machine, world class particles size analyzer, precision Press, high temperature furnace, and high precision inspection instrument. Duratec always follow up the ISO9001 & ISO14001 internal standard, with strict quality control system, the quality and delivery time can be guaranteed.

    Our Product
    Alumina ceramic (Al2O3)
    Ceramic wearing compound
    Cast basalt
    Chromium carbide
    Zirconia toughened alumina (ZTA)
    Zirconia ceramic
    Reaction bonded silicon carbide ceramic (SiSiC)
    Recrystallized silicon carbide (ReSiC)
    Silicon nitride ceramic (Si3N4)
    Nitride bonded silicon carbide (NSIC)
    Sintered silicon nitride ceramic (SSiC)
    Oxide bonded silicon carbide ceramic (CSiC))
    Aluminium silicate ceramic
    Tungsten carbide (WC)
    Latex balloon ceramic mold
    Ceramic glove mold
    Anti slip paving ceramic particle
    Fused silica ceramic
    Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE)
    Ceramic fiber
    Ceramic roller

    Product Application
    (1) Be used as abrasion resistant liner for the pipe, cyclone, chute, bin, hopper, ball mill, silo, stacker, reclaimer, deflectors etc for mining, power plant, cement plant, steel plant etc.
    (2) Be used as the grinding media for the ball mill, sand mill, vertical mill for super fine grinding.
    (3) Be used as high temperature refractory material for the roller kiln, tunnel kiln, shuttle kiln for ceramic industry, cement industry, steel industry.
    (4) Be used as the mold/former for the production of latex balloon and glove.
    (5) Be used as the anti slip material for the park, road etc.

    Our Certificate
    ISO9001 & ISO14001

    Production Equipment
    (1) Super fine material preparation grinding machine,including ball mill, sand mill etc.
    (2) World class particles size analyzer.
    (3) Precision Press machine, Isostatic press machine.
    (4) High temperature furnace, including roller kiln, shuttle kiln, tunnel kiln, electrical furnace.
    (5) High precision inspection instrument: viker hardness tester, bending strength machine etc.

    Production Market
    USA, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Peru, South Korea, Indonesia, India, UK, Turkey, Australia, Vietnam, Russia, Italy, Germany.

    Our Service
    1. Technical Consultation:
    Duratec is in the position to use his knowledge to give free consultation to his customer as per the practical working condition, so as to help his customer work out the proper proposal with lowest cost and highest efficiency.
    2. Technical Proposal:
    With the experience and professional of the technical team, Duratec can provide technical proposal according to customer鈥檚 requirement, for example, to provide the milling proposal of the mill to reach highest grinding efficiency, to provide the engineering proposal for the cyclone etc.
    3. Application Instruction:
    Duratec is providing the instruction of the application of his products, either by information on paper or at site or on online video communication, so that the customer can apply properly in shortest time.
    4. Training Seminar:
    With the technical knowledge, Duratec can provide training seminar to customer鈥檚 operator, the content of the training will be useful for the operator to use the products properly, so that customer can save the production cost.Silicon Carbide Ceramic Supporter suppliers

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