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    <td>Product DescriptionVacuum jacketed kettle
    Pot size200L鈭?000L, 700mm鈭?200mm dia. 5mm thickness; SUS304
    Voltage220V/1Ph/50Hz or as customized
    Capacity50kg-500Kg per batch
    Steel gradeAll stainless SUS304
    AutomationFull automatic, semi auto
    Heating sourceSteam (gas, electric induction, thermal oil)
    Working pressure0.3鈭?.6MPa
    Vacuum gauge pressure-0.1鈭?MPa
    Temperature controlWireless temp. sensor devices, or direct control
    AccessoriesVacuum pump, water tank, angle valve, pressure gauge鈥︹€?/p>
    ApplicationsCooking food materials under vacuum condition, making candied fruits, concentration of food

    Superior Features:
    -Mild heating to avoid over burnt
    -Precious temperature control
    -Environmentally friendly and safer operation
    -Complete sealing without any leakage
    -Vacuum pressure automatic adjustment
    -Durable quality for continuous working 24/7
    -12 months warranty & lifetime maintenance free of charge

    It is a combination of cooking jacketed kettle and vacuum machine. It can cook food ready with low temperature under vacuum condition. All food products require concentration, extraction or infiltration can use our cooking jacketed kettle, for example, candied fruits, water evaporation. The vacuum cooking machine is sealed very well to reduce work load of vacuum pump. It is designed with automatic temperature control and automatic pump operation. With setting up the cooking time, the whole process can be run automatically, saving time for operators to do other works.

    Detailed images:

    High efficient processing equipments & first-class handcraft锛?/strong>
    To increase our productivity for tight manufacturing schedule, we resort to bring in more advanced equipments, such, laser machines, NC machines, etc for standardization and modernization. We have employees with rich experience to solve any technical problems.

    Packaging & shipment:
    Our company has many overseas customers and we have long term partnership with several shipping lines assigned agent, to have the cheapest ocean shipment. Machines are wrapped well to protect easily damaged parts prior to wooden packaging. All packaging and shipment are in accordance with international standard.

    Customers’ visiting & testing:
    Our showroom receives many customers every day. We will provide them local accommodations and transportation, also provide raw materials for testing. We always have all types of machines available in our machines to demonstrate in front of customers, so that they will understand the good quality and easier operation.

    Certifications & patents:
    We have been devoted ourselves to research & development, and obtained totally 12 Nos. patents. Quality of all our machines is guaranteed with BV & CE certification. And we have been awarded safety production and other honors.

    Our company:Steam Heated Vacuum Cooking Machine Made in China

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