1. R Jolley

    August 16, 2019 at 11:21 am

    Thank you for your article I enjoyed reading it and actually learned a lot. You see my family was one of those families that was brought in to work at the let’s just say in many different buildings and places… My grandfather worked there for 40-something years until he retired. And no he never talked about what he did, we just always knew he was a pipefitter. The thing that we know today is back then they were told that there was no danger. My grandfather never wore any protective clothing except a normal blue workers jumpsuit and he wore glasses and a hard hat. There was Gates everywhere, you had to have a badge to get through the gates and food was rationed. I have the tokens that were given to my grandparents as well as a lot of other information proving that my grandfather worked there. It’s 2019, and the department of labor tells me the granddaughter of a worker for this huge project that has been through the gates it has seen all of this, they tell me that my family especially my grandparents never existed. There are no records, these are the words from the department of Justice. My entire family is gone and not from old age, my mother my grandmother and my aunt all died early from cancer. My grandfather passed away from a aneurysm in his stomach that was detected back in the fifties. And of course they went to that hospital and of course the doctors all tell them that it’s just a headache or by the time my family was diagnosed it was too late for treatment to do anything. So many people especially the older ones if they’re still around have lost their life and their loved ones to cancer and that is something that is not talked about and should be. X10 is one of the most controversial parts of the plant and no one talks about the mines that ran under the massive structures, I know about these mines because I found documentation where my grandfather was certified 2 administer first aid to the minors. They mind for Quicksilver and also got Quicksilver brought in from other minds that have had huge lawsuits as well…
    I guess my point is being from Oak ridge, yes eyes giving me a sense of knowing that we do not live in a quiet perfect underworld or quiet perfect little town that there are things going on and no people will not talk about it till this day. This is the most I have talked about it in a very long time… Thank you again for sharing this article and I don’t have a clue who’s going to read this but I love my family, I miss my family terribly I am 50 years old and been without grandparents or aunts or uncles or mother or father 4 years now….. Maybe that’s the universe’s way of just balancing scales.

    Ross Jolley
    Granddaughter of
    Clyde M. Cummings one of the greatest men I have ever known.



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